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Camping Site, Restaurant and Boarding House Regulations Valid for the campsite "Zur schönen Aussicht" in Mettingen, incl. the associated restaurant "Bergziege" and guesthouse (as of 15.10.2022)

1. Camping on this site is only permitted to holidaymakers who have registered at the reception and paid the corresponding overnight fee and to tenants of plots (so-called annual pitches).

2. A copy of the vehicle registration certificate of the caravan/camper as well as the valid gas system test certificate must be submitted upon conclusion of the contract or within 14 days.

3. A tenancy is granted to the persons named in the contract, provided that they live permanently with the tenant in a domestic community and have not exceeded the age of 21.

4. The full pitch fee must be paid by 31 May of the current calendar year. In the event of payment by instalments or late payment, a late payment surcharge of € 100.00 for the current year will also be due.

5. In the event of premature termination of the contract, whether by notice of termination or expulsion by the landlord or by termination on the part of the tenant for a reason for which the landlord is not responsible, there is no entitlement to a refund of the rent paid for the rental year.

6. A second caravan on the rented plot is not permitted.

7. The erection of house tents on the pitches is prohibited. An exception to this is the erection of small tents which are only suitable for sleeping for persons who are expressly included in the contract.

8. The number of persons using an annual pitch is limited to 5. For families whose number of persons is higher, each additional person pays a surcharge of 100.00 euros per year.

9. Campers (holidaymakers and tenants) must only use the pitches allocated to them by the landlord. A change is only permitted with the consent of the lessor.

10. In the case of caravans and mobile homes, a change of pitch to another person is not permitted. The pitch must then be left properly and clean. The costs for this are borne by the tenants or all other persons named in the rental contract. Notice of termination of the pitch must be given 3 months before the end of the contract.

11. Children and young people are only allowed to camp if accompanied by a parent or guardian or a person of equal status (as defined in §1 Para. 4 Youth Protection Act).

12. Every campsite user must behave in such a way that public safety and order are not disturbed.

13. The landlord reserves the right of domiciliary rights on the site, in the restaurant and in the guesthouse.

14. Entering the facility and the guesthouse

  • Unauthorised persons are generally prohibited from entering the campsite and the guest rooms.
  • Visitors may only enter the campsite if they have registered with the campsite operator/lessor or have been registered.
  • Unauthorised persons on the campsite grounds or in the guest rooms or Tiny flats will be expelled from the site and reported.

15. Pension

  • Smoking is not permitted inside the guesthouse. All Tiny flats and guest rooms are non-smoking flats and non-smoking rooms.
  • Staying in the rooms and in the Tiny flats is only allowed for the persons who have rented them. Failure to do so will result in a further person charge.

16. Pandemic regulations, as amended from time to time, automatically become part of the campsite, restaurant and guesthouse regulations.

  • Thus, all persons on the site, in the restaurant and in the boarding house shall: I. abide by the rules laid down therein for entering the site, etc. and II. follow the rules laid down therein for hygiene and distances, etc.
  • Violations will result in the expulsion of the persons from the campsite grounds or the restaurant or guesthouse.


17. Visitor fees and maximum number of visitors

  • Visitors who visit persons on the respective rented pitches may only enter the grounds on the paths provided for this purpose and only with the prior permission of the lessor. For this purpose, a visitor's fee in accordance with the respective valid schedule of fees is to be paid before entering the campsite without being asked and irrespective of the occupancy of the registration.
  • Visitors also include the tenant's children who have reached the age of 18 after conclusion of the contract or who have set up their own household. For visitors' vehicles, the fee announced in the notice is to be paid. If necessary, the vehicles can be taken to the campsite after consultation with the lessor, if they can still be placed on the site with the person to be visited. As a rule, the number of visitors should not exceed 4 persons, unless other regulations permit fewer persons.
  • Persons who are not expressly registered in the rental agreement are not entitled to free access to the recreation area. If visitors stay longer than 10.00 p.m. at the recreation facility, the valid overnight fees must be paid from then on.
  • Subletting is not permitted without the prior consent of the landlord. For the duration of the subletting, the tenant of the pitch is liable for the persons and their visitors.
  • Playing on the campsite grounds is only permitted to the extent that harassment / damage to other persons / property is excluded.
  • The facilities and toilets are to be kept clean and in perfect condition by the users at all times. Graffiti on the walls and doors is prohibited, as is the posting of advertising slogans, etc. Smoking is prohibited in front of and inside the washhouse. Children under 8 years of age may only use the toilets and washrooms if accompanied by their parents or legal guardians. Laundry and dishes may only be washed in the rooms provided for this purpose. The withdrawal of hot water in the washing facilities is not permitted.
  • Each tenant is liable for damage caused by him/herself or his/her relatives or visitors. Parents or legal guardians or persons supervising/accompanying them are liable for their children or the children entrusted to them.
  • Hawking within the fenced campsite area or any kind of trade, advertising demonstration (buying/selling) as well as commercial activity is prohibited. It is also not permitted to bring food and beverages beyond the campsite's own consumption.
  • The lessor reserves the right to make unused annual pitches available to transit travellers in an emergency during the holiday period.
  • The entrance gate to the campsite must be kept closed.

18. Design and maintenance of the leased area

  • The respective parking spaces are to be kept in proper condition.
  • The erection of fixed installations by driving in stakes is not permitted (e.g. barriers, fences, plastic walls, other visual protection, fixed awnings, etc.).
  • The creation of new access routes or the widening of existing accesses is prohibited.
  • The laying of water and electricity pipes is only permitted to the lessor.
  • When leaving the pitch at the end of the season, each tenant must clean and tidy his pitch.
  • No objects that can fly around in the wind may be left on the pitch during the winter period.

19. Waste sorting / environmental protection

  • Packaging, so-called "recyclables" (plastic and metal) → yellow waste containers.
  • Glass → is to be disposed of in the glass containers outside the campsite.
  • Paper, cardboard, cartons and magazines → Paper container
  • Leftovers, fruit and vegetable waste ("kitchen waste") and residual waste → black waste container. But no bulky waste, hazardous waste or electronic waste!
  • Bulky waste, special waste and electrical appliances → Mettingen recycling centre
  • Leaves, grass and branches → for composting at the designated place (not in the rubbish containers!). No objects such as scrap metal, bulky waste, special waste or electrical waste etc. may be dumped at the rubbish containers.
  • Chemical toilets may only be used with sanitary preparations that are not harmful to water and bear the RAL eco-label No. 84.
  • Emptying of chemical toilets and dirty water → into the designated sink facilities at the wash houses
  • Objects such as bottles, cans, rubbish etc. must not be thrown into the adjoining grounds.
  • Dishwashing, laundry and body cleansing is only permitted at the facilities provided for this purpose.
  • Washing cars or repairing vehicles is not permitted on the campsite.
  • Butts from cigarettes, cigars or cigarillos etc. are to be disposed of properly (i.e. not simply thrown or "dropped" anywhere).

20. Plants and animals

  • Lawns are to be kept in a well-kept condition during the season, i.e. mowed and free of leaves; lawn sprinkling is prohibited. If the lawn is not mowed, the lessor shall have it done at the expense of the lessee.
  • Damage to or destruction of these plants will result in immediate termination. The tenant is liable for the damage caused and bears the costs for new plants and/or other compensatory measures. The same applies to wilfully damaged plants, especially young or newly planted trees.
  • The setting of mole traps is prohibited.

21. Driving on the campsite

  • The campsite may only be entered by vehicles on the designated paths at walking pace (3km/h). Unnecessary driving on the campsite is to be avoided. The leased site is to be approached directly. Turning around on other sites is prohibited.
  • Driving is prohibited on the entire campsite from 22.00 - 07.30 hrs.
  • The lessor reserves the right to make exceptions: In bad weather conditions, e.g. in spring or autumn, access to the campsite is only possible by arrangement.

22. Parking and parking of motor vehicles

  • One vehicle of the leaseholder may be parked on the area leased by him/her.
  • Second vehicles are subject to approval and fees and may only be parked in the areas allocated to them.
  • Unused pitches for tents and caravans must not be blocked by parked vehicles. In the event of non-compliance, the lessor shall charge a daily rate for holidaymakers (2 persons, 1 vehicle and caravan or the respective valid minimum rental price of the blocked pitch).

23. Power connection

  • All power connections are fused to 10 amps (approx. 2000 watts). It is forbidden to connect electric heaters, hot plates etc.
  • Only cables that are labelled RNF H07 may be used as supply cables.
  • Power outages must be reported immediately or, in the case of night-time occurrences, no later than the next morning.
  • If the causer can be identified, the lessor is entitled to charge an expense allowance.

24. Keeping pets is not permitted!

25. Swimming pool use

  • Swimming is permitted from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm.
  • Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children in the swimming pool. Children up to 12 years of age may only swim if accompanied by an adult.
  • If you want to swim with your baby or toddler in our outdoor or indoor pool, then a swim nappy or swim nappy pants are necessary. As the operator of the pool, we require that a baby or toddler wears a swimming nappy or swim nappy in the water. It must be prevented that faeces and thus bacteria, germs and especially solids get into the water.
  • Every bather must shower immediately before bathing.
  • The use of shower gel or hair shampoo in the shower, directly by the swimming pool, is not permitted.
  • Only inflatable water balls and floaties are allowed in the swimming pool.
  • All items brought along are to be taken back immediately after bathing.
  • Eating and drinking in the swimming pool area is prohibited.
  • Putting lotion on immediately before swimming only harms the environment, if you have put lotion on, please do not go swimming until you have been swimming for 30 minutes.
  • Swimwear: Only swimming costumes, bikinis and swimming trunks that are recognisable as such are allowed. Above all, they must be tight-fitting; swimming with T-shirts and underwear etc. is not permitted.

26. Quiet times, noise prevention

  • Radio, television and music equipment as well as musical instruments etc. may only be used to the extent that other persons are not disturbed.
  • Any unnecessary noise is prohibited between 22.00-08.00.
  • Trimming of own hedges and mowing of lawns on the plot may only take place between 09.00 -18.00. Mowing on Sundays and public holidays is not permitted.

27. Fire protection

  • Open fires, e.g. in fire bowls and coal barbecues, are not permitted on the campsite. Cooking areas are to be constantly monitored during use so that a fire hazard cannot arise.
  • The burning of fireworks and the lighting of bonfires is generally prohibited.
  • When setting up caravans, mobile homes and tents, a safety distance of approx. 5 m from the neighbouring caravan etc. must be observed.
  • The gas heaters of the caravans and awnings must be checked at regular intervals (currently every two years) by a gas expert who must confirm that they are in working order. The tenant must present this certificate to the landlord on request.

Violations of these camping, restaurant and guesthouse regulations will result in immediate termination.

The lessor is entitled to inspect the respective valid provincial camping site regulations at any time. The detailed campsite regulations contained in the lease contract for the annual pitches shall also remain valid.

The lessor reserves the right to make changes to these campsite regulations and these will be announced on the notice board and on the internet at The contract and the campsite regulations are valid with immediate effect and are accepted by all pitch tenants as part of the pitch agreement by signing the lease or by booking a pitch.

We also refer to our existing data protection regulations. These can be found on our website By signing the pitch contract or by booking a pitch, you simultaneously accept the data protection regulation.

The landlord/lessor

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