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Head out, vacation on!

Translated by Google.

Dear guests, we say THANK YOU...
A   D for gratitude that you were our guest and spent your vacation with us.
An A for perseverance for not just following the weather app.
An N for curiosity, that you wanted to get to know us and our surroundings.
A   K for preciousness that will keep you coming back.
An E for empathy, that everyone enjoyed their stay.
A big THANK YOU for being and being our guest!
Nature lays down to rest and draws strength for departure and renewal. The lively start to the new year 2024 lies ahead of us with its good resolutions.
“To travel is to live” (H. Ch. Andersen)
Head off, vacation on!
We are the “diamond in the rough” among gemstones.
This stone sharpens the senses, makes it easier to see things through and supports you in making the right decision.
Holiday at the “Beautiful View” campsite!

Look forward to our “natural capital”, just staying at our campsite in the middle of nature makes you happy, relaxed, inspired and gives you vitality. Simply spending time in nature helps reduce stress, so you will find everything you want from a relaxing holiday here.

As the saying goes, whoever rests will rust. You can start straight from our campsite, whether on a "Schuster's horse" or with your "wire", the sport and exercise strengthens not only muscles and bones, they also have a positive effect on the mind and soul. As The icing on the cake is that you start the day in our swimming pool or end it in the refreshing water.

Let your soul unwind with us. Our team looks forward to seeing you!

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