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Camping Teddy Adventure and travel

Hello, I'm Tramp the Bear from the campsite and restaurant "Zur schönen Aussicht". This is where I live!

There are many others who look very much like me. But we are all different! Many of us have found a new "home". They have been and will be given to dear people by me to live there and experience a lot.

To all our new families for your information!

The little "plushies" are very adventurous, do everything with you and love to take selfies. Please take them with you on your daily routine or on your adventures! The little bears also help out!

Here you can find my stories and adventures

You are welcome to send me photos and also short stories by e-mail, I would be very pleased. I will also tell you about myself from time to time.

My own e-mail address is:

I wish you lots of fun with the little "plushies" and I would be very happy if you would visit me again.

Beary greetings and have fun, Brumm Brumm - your Tramp

Tell us your story!

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